Faker continues to build his legend, becomes first LCK player to hit 500 wins

The legendary mid laner set another record today.

It looked like Gen.G may extend their undefeated win streak in the 2022 LCK Summer Split today, but Faker had some things to say about the matter.

T1 took the series 2-1 following an unbelievable Baron steal by Faker in the second game, which enabled the team to turn around the series. After defeating Gen.G in the third and final game, Faker became the first player in LCK’s history to record 500 wins.

In the first game, Gen.G’s macro and vision control allowed them to push T1 off the map. T1 couldn’t stop their aggression and fell short. A similar scenario happened in the second game, however, Faker came in clutch at the Baron.

After Gen.G’s health bars were depleted by Zeus and Oner, who died in the process, Faker pulled off a hero play on Lissandra. He teleported to the Baron pit with Glacial Path (E) and finished off Peanut, taking away Gen.G’s Smite as a result. He then used his Ring of Frost (W) to finish the Baron as his enemies were occupied with Zeus and Oner, who were the perfect distraction.

That play allowed T1 to claw back the game, enough for them to convincingly win the next teamfight and destroy Gen.G’s Nexus. The third game was also even for most of its duration, but another Baron fight, which ended in favor of T1 thanks to Zeus and Oner, decided its fate.

Both Gen.G and T1 are now 6-1 in the 2022 LCK Summer Split. The former will face DRX on Sunday, July 10, while T1 will return to action next week.

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