Faker breaks another LCK record in a victory against KT

The GOAT takes another title to his name.

Faker broke yet another record in his career as he claimed his 4,137th assist in T1’s victory against KT Rolster on Jan. 21. With this, the legendary mid laner took the first spot of all-time assists in the LCK, ending the series with 4,143 assists of them in total.

With that, Faker has overthrown another LCK legend, Gorilla. The 28-year-old is currently a coach for Dplus KIA. Previously, he was a support player for almost eight years, playing for teams like ROX Tigers, Longzhu Gaming, Misfits Gaming, and SANDBOX Gaming.

Still, he’s not been a pro player for as long as Faker, who will celebrate his 10th year as a professional League player in 2023. More importantly, he has spent all these years under SKT T1/T1 banner, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future, as he signed a new contract with the organization last November.

The series itself was a one-sided affair for T1, except for the first game, which KT Rolster surprisingly dominated and took it home in 26 minutes. T1 didn’t allow this to get into their heads, though, as they completely smashed their opponents in the second and third games. Faker finished those last two games with 13/2/12 KDA ratio.

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