Fade line-up on Split adds bungee cords to unsuspecting enemies in VALORANT

Fade can throw her Q ability and grab enemies from B Main.

VALORANTs newest agent Fade can attach a bungee cord to any enemy walking into B Main on Split with this latest line-up. 

When playing on Split, Fade can launch her Seize ability (Q) on top of the structure of B Main to catch an unsuspecting enemy walking in. Fades Seize ability forms a tight ball that can be thrown at a set distance. The ball then drops to the ground and explodes, creating an ink circle that can trap enemies. These enemies get tethered within the ink circle from the ability, which decays and deafens them until the circle dissipates. 

It is this tethered aspect that launches enemies into the air and keeps them there if the ball is thrown above them. The only known instance of this working is on B Main in Split, which has now been discovered to allow Fades abilities to work despite the top of the roof being closed. Fades Haunt ability can be thrown in the same spot as her Seize to detect enemies without them being able to shoot the ability and destroy it. 

Players on defense can go to the catwalk outside of B Heaven and back up until they hit the wall on the other side. With their backs against the wall, they can aim at the edge of the roof in front of them and run forward slightly. This gets the players momentum up and allows them to get enough reach to land the Seize on top of the roof. If enemies are just walking into B Main from the attacker’s side, they will be caught in the Seize and the tether will bungee them up and down while being decayed and deafened. This allows the defending players to rush in and attack them while the enemy is defenseless.

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