Ezreal breaks the TFT champion mold in Set 8.5 Glitched Out!

Time rifts have brought about two versions of Ezreal.

Champions and traits are getting shaken up in the Teamfight Tactics Mid-Set update, featuring a new five-cost version of Ezreal in Set 8.5 Glitched Out!

Ezreal wasn’t anything more than an item holder/support unit during Set Eight, having the traits Underground and Recon. The TFT team have removed Recon as a trait for Set 8.5 and are attempting to improve Ezreal’s playability as a two-cost champion with the traits Underground, Parallel, and Quickdraw. 

A prominent theme within TFT Set 8.5 are glitches and alternate realities brought on by interdimensional rifts over the city of Spatulopolis. The new Parrelel trait leans into these themes as a unique trait of Ultimate Ezreal, a five-cost that has the traits InfiniTeam, Parallel, and Sureshot. 

Set 8.5 breaks traditional champion molds by including two versions of the same champion at two different tiers. Each version has its own unique spell ability, with the tier-two Ezreal using Sabotage and the five-cost Ultimate Ezreal using the spell Alternate Ezrealities. But they were designed to work together.

Similar to the Sister trait that was used with Jinx and Vi during Set Six, the Parrelel trait wants players to have both versions of Ezreal on the battlefield at the same time. Upon activating the Parallel trait, the two-cost Ezreal’s ability becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line while five-cost Ultimate Ezreal summons a temporal duplicate.

The two Ezreals, however, are quite different from one another. Two-cost Ezreal is an AP unit while five-cost Ultimate Ezreal is an AD champion. And the only trait they share is Parallel. 

Players can test out the two Ezreals and the Parallel trait when TFT Set 8.5 drops into PBE servers on March 8. The official launch of Glitched Out!, the second half of Monsters Attack! will release on March 22. 

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