Excel appoints promising new head coach ahead of 2023 LEC Spring Split

A new face is joining the LEC.

Excel Esports is trying everything to put the past behind it and make a comeback for the 2023 LEC Spring Split.

Following the disastrous Winter Split, which saw Excel end dead last with only one win on the scoreboard, the organization is looking to make changes to its coaching staff.

According to Eros from Blix.GG and Brieuc “Wooloo” Seeger today, Jonas “Hidon” Vraa will be the new Excel head coach in the LEC. He will be leading the team in the upcoming split, supported by Nicolas “Nicolas Perez” Perez and Malaury “Malau” Restouble.

Eros mentioned that other head coaches were considered during the selection process, including the current head coach of Fnatic Tomáš “Nightshare” Kněžínek, as well as former Immortals’ coach Thomas “Zaboutine” Si-Hassen.

Hidon has been a rising personality in the competitive scene. Starting as a professional jungler back in 2019, Hidon competed in the lower divisions of the regional leagues, before becoming a full-time coach. He has worked temporarily with Dusty and Tricked Esports in the past years while offering individual coaching for high Elo players.

He recently joined Ruddy Esports in the NLC at the start of 2023. The team are currently third in the standings of the regular season.

According to Eros, the new Excel team have started scrimming. With Hidon leading the charge, we will have to see what he can bring to Excel in the upcoming LEC split, which starts on March 11.

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