Ex-Alliance VALORANT pro hit with permanent ban after second toxic outburst 

This conduct doesn't belong in VALORANT.

VALORANT player Vilius krea6on Malinauskas has been permanently banned from both Challengers League East: Surge and Valorant East: United after being recorded mocking another players disability.

The Lithuanian player openly bullied NAVI content creator Marcus SoMarcus Black via VALORANT in-game voice comms and text chat while streaming on Twitch, which eventually lead to his removal from all Polska Liga Esportowa events from today.

Tournament organizer Polska Liga Esportowa shared their competitive ruling in a May 2, 2023, Twitter post. The decision comes as krea6ons second and final warning, with the VALORANT player already landing himself in hot water a little over a year ago.

SoMarcus called krea6on an awful human being as he shared the recording in question in a same-day tweet. In the video, krea6on mocks SoMarcus twitches, with the Lithuanian repeatedly making noises at SoMarcus despite pleas for him to stop.

This isnt the first time krea6ons been banned for toxic comments. Krea6ons prior punishment stems from discriminatory remarks made in April 2022. He was then banned from all official VALORANT esports competitions for the duration of Stage Two after breaking rules 7.3.1, 7.3.4, and 7.3.6 of the Global Competition Policy.

This previous breach of conduct resulted in a public apology from kea6on, where the Lithuanian called the incident a bad habit he needs to work on and blamed it on his lack of confidence in speaking another language.

Challengers League East Surge is a part of the top-tier Eastern European circuit in VALORANT and hosts 16 teams with 23 countries participating.

While krea6on hadnt yet made it to that echelon of competitive VALORANT play yet, this decision will most likely separate him from that caliber of competition for good.

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