Evil Geniuses bolsters Counter-Strike backroom with retired North American veteran

One small step for EG, one big leap for NA.

Evil Geniuses Counter-Strike division has been on a spree of acquisitions left, right, and center. It feels like almost every player in North America has been a part of either Evil Geniuses, EG Black, EG White, or EG Gold.

This spending spree hasnt ended yet, with EG taking on former CS:GO pro Alan Shakezullah Hardeman as an assistant coach, according to Dust 2.

Unfortunately, EGs tactic of acquiring every player imaginable hasnt netted them solid results. However, the change in coaches might be a step in a direction, wherever theyre going. Shakezullah has been a part of the NA CS:GO scene for roughly five years, and brings a wealth of experience in the Americas region. The American previously played for the rag-tag Bad News Bears roster as their IGL and had some success along the way.

The squad was able to handle the competition in NA, but as soon as they flew across the pond, the EU and CIS teams brushed them aside with ease. Bad News Bears were able to win Fragadelphia 15, but since then struggled to be a dominant force.

Previously, there had been controversy in the EG roster regarding certain former members and the reception of critique from their coaches. This has caused somewhat of a meltdown in the EG roster, leaving them on a continuing conveyor belt of coaches and players alike, with some leaving only after a short stint.

This step could be the first move to set them on the right path.

EG is still left without a final player for the starting roster. They currently have Jerric “wiz” Jiang, Jeorge “jeorgesnorts” Endicott, and Wesley “viz” Harris as their stand-ins for the upcoming BLAST events.

If one of the Counter-Strike stand-ins proves themselves at BLAST, the EG player acquisition tactic could finally be of use to the organization, instead of controversy.

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