Everything you need to know about Twitch drops

Drops on drops on drops.

Drops on Twitch have become an increasingly prevalent way for game publishers to promote their games by leveraging livestreaming.

A drop is a reward that viewers can get from watching a specific channel or type of content. The drop is typically associated with the game that the viewer is watching. Sometimes, the drops will come from watching a specific predetermined set of creators, and sometimes its from watching a specific esports event.

They incentivize gamers to tune into Twitch and typically create some amount of hype for whatever game they are made to promote.

Over the past few years, Twitch has continually expanded its drops efforts by partnering with a plethora of publishers and their titles. And now, the platform even has a way for viewers to see any and all drop campaigns along with any progress that theyve made toward them.

There are a few different ways that campaigns can work. So using the drops page on the platform is the best way to understand how to get whatever loot youre looking for. Additionally, youll want to make sure that youve linked your Twitch account with whatever other gaming account is necessary. Linking accounts can be done in your account settings under the Connections tab.

Where to find drops campaigns

All drop campaigns can be found at Twitch.tv/drops/campaigns. There, you will find a list of active drop campaigns that are ordered by their start date. Clicking on a drop campaign, you will be able to see details including what you get from the drop, what channels you can watch to get the drop, and how many hours you have to watch to obtain the drop.

How to claim a drop and see your inventory

You can also find the drops by clicking your profile on the top right corner of the Twitch homepage. This will create a drop-down menu. In the third section of that menu, there is a Drops option below Subscriptions and above Wallet.

This will lead you to your Twitch profiles drops inventory page where you can see if you have Twitch drops that are ready for you to claim. While some Twitch drops are automatically given to viewers when they watch an event, some require you to claim the drop on your inventory page. 

How to check your drop progress

Checking to see how much progress you have made toward obtaining a drop can be done by looking at the specific campaign that youre attempting to score loot from. Just go to the All Campaigns part of the drops page and scroll to find the specific campaign youre looking to get a drop from. 

After youve found it, click that campaign, and you should see how much of the game youve watched relative to how much you need to watch. You will be shown a percentage that represents how far along you are toward getting your loot. If the campaign requires you to claim your loot and isnt automatically attributed to you, make sure to go to your inventory to claim your loot once youve watched as much as you need.

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