Everything to know about Amouranth’s Streamer Royale

The "Event of the Summer" will feature some big streamers.

Amouranth is serving as the lead producer of Streamer Royale, which is being promoted as the “Event of the Summer” and an event in which streamers face each other in undisclosed competitions.

The event was first teased on April 15, at which time Amouranth, via her personal Twitter account, said this was “just the tip of the iceberg.” A day later, Amouranth was revealed as the lead producer of the event. The specifics of Streamer Royale have not been announced, but as we get closer to the event’s date of May 28, more information will likely become known.

Here is everything you need to know about Amouranth’s Streamer Royale.


Five participants have been announced so far via the Streamer Royale Twitter account. And although no new name was revealed yesterday, Amouranth said a new contestant will be announced every day or every other day on Twitter.

Here are the participants that have been confirmed for Streamer Royale.

  • xQc
  • Alinity
  • MoistCr1TiKaL
  • LilyPichu
  • Jack Manifold


Streamer Royale will be broadcast live on Amouranth’s Twitch channel on May 28. The exact time of the event is unknown.

This article will be updated as we learn more information about Streamer Royale.

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