Everyone loved one map during the Challengers Stage of CS:GO Rio Major

Not much of a surprise.

During the first four days of the IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022, one map was played more than 10 times.

Inferno has stood out as the most chosen map at the event so far, being played 11 times, according to HLTV. But because it’s one of the most popular maps in CS:GO, its high pick rate doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Another classic map, Mirage, follows in second place. It has been played by the participating teams nine times. Mirage remains the only map in the active map pool that hasn’t seen a major rework since CS:GO was released in 2012.

Overpass, Vertigo, and Dust 2 take the third, fourth, and fifth places, respectively. Teams played on the former eight times while choosing the map located on the roof of a skyscraper seven times. Dust 2 was only played six times.

Ancient and Nuke are the least favorite maps so far, being played four times each. But with the Legends Stage, this could change since a lot of teams are fond of both maps, including FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, and team Liquid. FaZe, for example, played Nuke eight times in the last three months, while Liquid played Ancient six times in that same period, according to HLTV.

The Major continues on Saturday, Nov 5 with the Legends Stage at 9am CT. MOUZ will take on Liquid, and Spirit will face off against Bad News Eagles to kick off the action.

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