European kryptonite: OpTic’s struggles against EMEA continue after stunning loss versus Guild at VCT Masters Copenhagen

OpTic and LOUD will face off in an elimination match.

History has repeated itself, as OpTic has dropped their opening match at an international VALORANT tournament, falling to Guild via a 2-0 fashion in their first group stage match at VCT Masters Copenhagen. The OpTic roster now has an 0-7 map record against EMEA teams.

The series started on an unusual note, with both teams making surprise map picks; Guild selected Icebox while OpTic chose Split. Guild jumped out to an early lead, with OpTic struggling to hit shots and hold off Guilds attack-side executes and map control. Guild notched seven straight rounds to start the map, but a crashies clutch jump-started an OpTic resurgence, leading to an 8-4 Guild lead at half-time.

The third seed out of EMEA continued to build momentum after an impressive pistol round on defense, as Guild continued to punish yay in opening duels. Guild built an 11-4 lead before back-to-back triples from Marved began to fuel an OpTic comeback. Yay and FNS produced multi-kills of their own to reduce the Guild lead to 11-9, but a fast Guild retake on A and a monumental hold from Sayf in the 24th round finally pushed Guild over the finish line on Icebox, 13-11.

Guild continued to own OpTic after moving to Split, punishing the reigning champs attack side over and over and keeping their economy in shambles. Yay was held scoreless as Guild jumped out to a 7-0 lead, and just like on Icebox, it was a clutch from crashies that finally put OpTic on the board. Again like in the first map, OpTic began to string rounds together thanks to some big plays from Marved, leading to another 8-4 half-time lead for Guild.

OpTic woke up on the defensive side of their map pick, even winning a bonus round with all of Guild still alive by denying the plant before time ran out. OpTic quickly reduced the 8-4 lead to an 8-8 tie, and the two sides traded rounds en route to an 11-11 tie. Guild cleared out the B site defense with a flawless execution, but OpTic miraculously won a 2v4 retake spearheaded by crashies. Guild responded with a fast mid/B split though, and shut down the retake to force overtime.

Guild started OT on defense, and Russ and Leo won the necessary opening duels in mid to take an early advantage after a flawless round. A quick opening double from Trexx should have secured Guild the win, but FNS delivered a high-pressure, series-saving 4K to tie the map again. OpTic opened up the B site on attack to take their first lead of the series, but this time Trexx delivered the 4K to keep his team on the map. Russ shut down a late rotate to B to give Guild another lead, and Leo won a hectic late fight with a 4K to finally give Guild the series victory.

With this result, two of the favorites of this event, and the two grand finalists from the previous Masters event, OpTic and LOUD, will meet in the lower bracket of their group. Guild moves on to face KRU in the upper bracket final of Group A.

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