EternalEnvy nearly pulls off great escape in nail-biting Dota 2 play

There were only two ways this could end.

Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao, the legendary Dota 2 player known for his high-risk, low-reward strategies, retired from the competitive Dota 2 scene in 2022. But lately, hes been treating fans to the secrets of his art on Twitch.

EternalEnvy (EE) found himself in a tight spot during a recent ranked match, a situation where his chances of survival looked to be around 50-50or fiftEE-fiftEE, as Dota 2 fans would say. After outmaneuvering his opponents and thinking he had secured his safety, EE found out the hard way that fate had other plans.

In the midst of a relatively peaceful laning stage, EEs Morphling suddenly got Skewered by the enemy Magnus after a Tiny Toss. EE instantly started Attribute Shifting to Strength to increase his HP.

With the additional tankiness, EE endured quite a few hits from his opponents before he started juking his way out of the tree line with a couple of stuns in between. As soon as EE reached under his tower and believed that he made it to safety, he started Attribute Shifting to Agility, so he could regenerate his total HP pool faster.

While it looked like EE had made it out of trouble, a wild Tree Throw emerged from the fog as the enemy Tiny decided to take a shot at glory. The attempt at sending EEs Morphling back to base was a success as the Tree hit the former Major winner perfectly.

Shocked by what they had just witnessed on stream, the chat filled with KEKWs and laughter while EE remained in the zone, teleporting back to his lane with complete focus.

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