ESL sets locations, schedule for IEM Rio Major RMR tournaments

There is a different location for each RMR.

More than 50 CS:GO teams hailing from all over the world will play in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events that will decide who will qualify for the IEM Rio Major in November, the last Valve-sponsored tournament of 2022.

All RMR tournaments will be played in October and only 24 teams will make the cut for IEM Rio Major. The Europe RMR A and B tournaments will run in Malta, while the Americas RMR will be played in Sweden, and the Asia RMR will take place in Australia.

ESL will run all RMR events between Oct. 4 to 9, instead of running each event separately as PGL did for the PGL Antwerp Major earlier this year. Another difference compared to the previous Major cycle is that every RMR will be played at a different location rather than being played in the same venue.

The Europe RMR will split the 32 CS:GO teams into two tournaments (A and B) of 16 squads each with eight spots up for grabs in each tournament. The Americas RMR, on the other hand, will have 16 teams from North America and South America competing for six spots at IEM Rio Major. As for the Asia RMR, there will only be four teams in attendance with two spots up for grabs.

The process of determining which teams will play at the RMRs will come to an end in September. Several teams from Europe and Americas have already booked their spot in their respective RMR via the open qualifiers, but there are still a few to come. The Asia RMR works slightly different as it has an open and closed qualifier to determine which teams from Asia, Oceania, and Middle East will attend the four-team event.

The full schedule for IEM Rio Major RMR tournaments can be found on ESL’s official website. The Europe RMR will kick off on Oct. 4 at 4am CT, while the Americas RMR will start on Oct. 5 at 5am CT, and the Asia RMR will begin on Oct. 7 at 7pm CT. All RMR tournaments will finish on Oct. 9.

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