Epic Overwatch 2 outplay proves Sombra can be a team player after all

It was a clutch save for the ages.

Sombra isnt a hero Overwatch 2 players are enthusiastic about in the current meta. Her win rate is a dismal 45 percent and shes one of the least-picked heroes at 1.21 percent, mostly because shes considered a ‘selfish’ pick, and one capable of ruining the fun.

But one player pulled off a clutch save so good its changing peoples minds.

They picked her in a game on May 19 and, much to the surprise of their teammate who was playing Mercy, used a perfectly timed Hack to interrupt Reinhardts Charge in the nick of time after an Earthshatter, saving them from a guaranteed death.

This happened earlier, it made me like Sombra a little bit more, said the Mercy player, who shared the clip on Reddit on May 21. Other Overwatch players were equally impressed, with some describing it as a big save and saying the Sombra player deserved an endorsement for their heroic and calculated efforts.

Its a stark contrast to what some players claim the usual Sombra antics involve, which typically include seeing them run to a point, attempt to capture it, and then teleport back to spawn and rage at the team for not pushing despite not having the same abilities.

That being said, some people cant help but love playing the Overwatch hero. She has a unique moveset and in the hands of the right gamer (like the one in this clip) can make a world of difference in the heat of battle.

According to some, Sombra is a perfectly viable support even though shes billed as DPS. This is largely due to the impact her EMP ultimate can have, particularly if those playing her are good enough to build up charge quickly.

It will be interesting to see if the OW devs decide to change her role to that at some point down the road. Perhaps her Hack could be tweaked to heal allies, too.

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