Entity narrowly avoided a Dota 2 disaster while dismantling EG at the Lima Major

Things could have ended badly.

Entity turned up the heat against Evil Geniuses in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals on the first day of the Dota 2 Lima Major, winning the best-of-three in two straight wins, both of which were very one-sided.

The crowd was on EGs side since the roster and organization are now predominantly South American. But despite that, and all the delays, they got the job done.

According to their carry player Watson, however, a dicey moment happened behind closed doors that could have ended in disaster. After they lost a fight, they were fervently discussing their next move in the booth, when suddenly Fishmans knee accidentally made contact with Stormstormers PC.

 His ping went to 1,000 after that. Dota crashed, and they couldn’t fix it for a good 20 minutes, Watson told escorenews. He had ping 200 every time he tried to reconnect. They were changing something every time, but nothing worked.

Fortunately, after an extended pause, the organizers managed to identify the problem and fix it. Entity managed to bounce back from the teamfight and eventually cruised their way to victory.

Watson said EG didnt play their best Dota. They made a lot of mistakes and didnt force fights like they usually do, and the one or two fights they won were due to Entitys mistakes. The reason for it, in his view, was they didnt let them pick comfort heroes like Batrider, Snapfire, and Timbersaw.

EG managed to turn things around on the second day of the playoffs, beating fellow locals Beastcoast in the first round of the Lower Bracket and securing a berth against Team Aster in the second.

Entity, on the other hand, will face Gaimin Gladiators in the Upper Bracket Semi Finals, and if they win that, either Shopify Rebellion or Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket Final. Their fate is in their hands, but it wont be easy given the caliber of competition theyre facing.

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