Enraged Tyler1 rips into Riot after encountering a game-ruining League turret bug

Tyler went straight to the source to figure out what went wrong.

A League of Legends bug ruined Tyler1’s gameplay experience so immensely earlier today that he actually took the time out of his day to review the footage of the incident following the game, breaking down what happened in a full-blown VOD review. 

The bug in question revolves around turret aggro. In certain cases, a gameplay bug will occur where champions simply don’t pick up aggro from turrets and are allowed to attack enemy champions under their towers freely. In Tyler1s case earlier today, he was on the receiving end of the bug when an enemy Draven player (ironically enough) benefited from the bug. 


In the clip, a two-vs-two skirmish is taking place under Tyler1s bottom lane tower. Tyler, whos playing Brand support in the clip, gets an early kill on the enemy support player before the fight turns into a one-vs-one between himself and the enemy ADC. Unfortunately, the turret doesnt assist Tyler in taking down his opponent as it continues to slam its laser into three different minions instead of switching its aggro onto the Draven. In the end, the Draven player walked away from the fight without taking a single turret shot and sat at above 50 percent HP, while also stealing Tylers double buffs for good measure. 

You fucking dumbasses at this company, Tyler said after the moment. Oh, they make it so hard. 

Following the game (which Tyler lost), he ran straight to the replay booth and played the clip back at half-speed. After reviewing the play, Tyler hypothesized that the cause of the bug came from the enemy support, a Heimerdinger player, trying to auto attack him right before his death. Because the Heimerdinger landed their auto attack just before their death, Tyler claimed that the turret tried to focus him while letting Draven roam free in its range. 

The turret doesn’t even change focus, Tyler said during the VOD review. What is this man? It doesnt even give a fuck I think its something to do with this red buff on a Heimer. He autod me right before he died, I think the turrets trying to focus him.

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