Enhance your VALORANT ultimates with this Persona OBS add-on

Persona x Valorant

If youre thinking of enhancing your VALORANT streams, look no further than this Persona animation an artist has made.

Megugami, a Twitch streamer, has fused both VALORANT and Persona in her most recent creation which can enhance your VALORANT stream quality by making a Persona-esque cutout appear in the middle of the screen. This is a very stylistic addition for people who love both games.

The cutout is available on her Ko-fi page for a minimum of $15, but you can also pay her more if you want to support her. As evident in her follow-up tweets, she didnt expect this to blow up, and even wanted to lower the price for it but was urged by her friends to not do so due to the effort she has put into it.

The success of this tweet has inspired her to make another one, this time for Reyna. Reyna, like Sage, is another popular agent. According to tracker.gg, she even has the highest pick rate out of all the agents.

Persona and VALORANT are two games you dont often see together due to their stark differences. This fusion of RPG and FPS is a very odd one, but it works due to how smooth the transition of the Persona animation is.

Its exciting to see things like this from the community where players and fans of the game show off their creativity and in doing so, can help their fellow streamers and players have a more enjoyable time.

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