Enchanter supports like Yuumi, Seraphine to be slapped with hard nerfs in League Patch 12.14

The bot lane is a point of focus next patch.

League of Legends Patch 12.14 is on its way, and most of the champions on the roster eluded the nerf hammer this patch. Only six champions will be nerfed, although many of the champs scheduled to have their power decreased in the July update have been dominant forces in the meta for the better part of the last month.

Enchanter supports are being nerfed across the board. Their Mythic item choices will receive nerfs, while Yuumi and Seraphine will both be hit with direct nerfs.

Notably, two bottom lane titans in Zeri and Renata Glasc will also receive nerfs in Patch 12.14 after holding sway over the competitive League meta this summer. Zeri has appeared in over 76 percent of all drafts in major regions this summer, while Renata Glasc holds a pick/ban rate of over 60 percent in major regions this split, according to League stats site Gol.gg.

Sivir and Gnar will be the only other champs to receive direct nerfs.

Gnar from League of Legends yells in his pilot cockpit.Image via Riot Games

Beyond champions, there are multiple nerfs in place for items in Patch 12.14, including Sunfire Cape and Chempunk Chainsword. Some of the games systemes, Challenging Smite and a series of unspecified early sustain runes and items, are also in line to be nerfed. More details surrounding which items and runesand how theyll be hit with nerfsshould be expected to come tomorrow when an expanded version of the League patch preview is released by Riot.

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Patch 12.14 is the first of several smaller patches that should come throughout the second half of the year during the months prior to the 2022 World Championship. With the seasons final tournament set to kick off in the fall, about five patches stand between the games current meta and the Worlds patch.

League Patch 12.14 will go live on League servers on July 27.

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