Employee-led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination at Blizzard plans walkout

The walkout is planned for July 21.

The ABK Workers Alliance is planning a walkout due to attacks on the civil liberties of the employees at Activision Blizzard related to the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade and the company’s healthcare policies, which employees claim do not protect them.

The walkout, which is being organized by the employee-led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination, is scheduled to occur on July 21. Demands were previously made to company leadership, which included things such as changing policies, ending mandatory arbitration, protections from retaliation, expanded parental leave, and more.

The ABK Workers Alliance claims that instead of responding to them directly, Activision Blizzard chose to respond via media outlets. The Alliance also claims that Activision Blizzard has said that some previous demands have been met, but they have not.

“While specific types of forced arbitration have been waived, our original demand was for the end of all forced arbitration agreements,” the ABK Workers Alliance’s statement reads. “Further, there have been cases of employees still signing arbitration agreements without being informed of their ability to waive them.”

A set of walkout demands were posted along with these statements, which address several things, such as the option to work remotely 100 percent of the time or have the option to relocate to an office in a “safe state or country,” relocation assistance, cost of living adjustments for those who move, a health insurance provider that covers transgender and reproductive healthcare, and more.

Image via ABK Workers Alliance

Those who want to support the ABK Workers Alliance and the Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination can do so by sharing the tweet with their statement or by contributing to their Strike Fund.

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