Elspeth and Giada get an anime makeover in Japanese MTG promo cards

Stunning promo cards for the Japanese planeswalker event.

Wizards of the Coast is stepping up with stunning anime art Magic: The Gathering cards of Elspeth and Giada for the Japanese planeswalker-friendly match events. 

Promo cards in MTG have a longstanding history of being chase cards, obtained by competitive players who participate in and win tournaments. Building off Friday Night Magic events in Japan, WotC has introduced planeswalker-friendly match events that will run from April to September 2023. And the promo card for the events is a foil anime alternative art version of Giada, Font of Hope, and Elspeth Resplendent from Streets of New Capenna

The Japanese MTG promo cards are fitting considering chapter four of March of the Machine dropped today, showcasing the city of New Capenna under a Phyrexian attack that is led by Atraxa. 

Giada, Font of Hope | Image via WotC Elspeth Resplendent | Image via WotC

Players who compete at the planeswalker-friendly match events automatically receive the anime alternative art version of Giada, Font of Hope. And winning a tournament earns a player the Elspeth variant. 

The planeswalker-friendly match tournament is played in the MTG Standard format, in addition to a rock-paper-scissors tournament at the end of the Swiss rounds. Both the winner of the event and the rock-paper-scissors tournament earn an anime variant of Elspeth Resplendent. 

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Anime promo variants of Elspeth and Giada will likely impact the secondary market. Elspeth already has an anime borderless version worth around $12 while Giada, Font of Hope has a showcase version valued at around $6.  

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