Ellie fills last spot on TSM X roster after departure from XSET Purple

TSM X is ready to compete for a spot at Champions.

Just a few days ago, XSET Purple released Elena “Ellie” Garland from its VALORANT Game Changers roster. And now, the experienced player has found a new home with TSM X.

Now that TSM X has filled the last spot on its roster, the team is set and ready to play in the last NA Game Changers event in hopes of moving on to the VCT Game Changers Champions event later this year.

TSM X has done fairly well this year in the Game Changers circuit. They placed fifth-sixth in the first NA Game Changers tournament of 2022 and then improved on their result for the second one, finishing third just behind Shopify Rebellion and Cloud9 White.

Ellie replaces Cathering “cath” Leroux, who left the org in July, just after the last Game Changers event in NA concluded. The spot has not been permanently filled since cath left.

When she started her VALORANT career, Ellie first competed with Man I Love Fwogs for a few months before the team disbanded. She moved on to play with NOTHING2LOSE, which got picked up by XSET Purple. She was there for almost a full year before her signing with TSM X.

With Ellie’s departure, XSET Purple has one open spot on its team that hasn’t been filled yet. Ellie will compete with TSM X in the next NA VCT Game Changers event, which begins on Oct. 6, with the main event taking place from Oct. 12 to 16. The stakes are high for this tournament since it’s the last chance to score points to make it to Champions and the winner of the event goes straight to Champions regardless of points.

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