Ekko voice actor: Arcane 2 ‘gets better,’ play CONVERGENCE while waiting

Waiting for Arcane? Play CONVERGENCE.

Riot Forge and Double Stallion presented the upcoming Ekko game CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story to a small audience in London on May 15. And among the content creators and champion cosplayers, there was a real Ekko in the crowd.

Reed Shannon voiced the Boy Who Shattered Time both in Arcane season one and in the 2D action platformer coming out next week. He began working with Riot on both projects around the time they were announced to the public almost four years ago. But at the time, he had no clue about what he was doing. 

I didn’t know much about League when I started, just that it was a cool video game, Shannon told Dot Esports. “And now, I’m super deep into anything Riot Games related.

The voice actor said his memorable experience in working on Arcane and CONVERGENCE made him fall in love with Ekko because of his redeemable personality. He just wants the best for the people that he cares about, the people of Zaun, Shannon said. Shannon also highlighted how Ekkos valiant effort of fighting for a better future for the people of his city is something that made him a character the voice actor could easily form an attachment toand CONVERGENCE amplified those sentiments tenfold.

This game is so meaningful to me, Shannon said. “We recorded a lot of it during the COVID pandemic, and I was filming another show, and there was just like a lot of things going on in my life that I felt really happy to be able to express myself through recording Ekko in CONVERGENCE.

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But the upcoming 2D action platformer is not the only project Shannon has worked on that League fans are waiting to get their hands on. The voice actor admitted he already started working on the second season of the successful animated series Arcane, but the recording sessions are far from over. It takes some time to create something like Arcane, and so it’s gonna be a little bit before we get to see it,” Shannon said. “But I’ve seen some cool stuff fans will definitely love.

In particular, one aspect of Arcane season two that excites Shannon the most might surprise some fans. The art. The art takes it up, the voice actor said. “If people thought that season one was creative and mind-blowing, I can tell you it gets better. 

It might be difficult to picture how Riot Games and Fortiche production can top what was an award-winning show, but one way they could do that is by adding action and fighting scenessomething Shannon would be interested in writing and performing a song for. The voice actor is in fact also a songwriter and has publicly expressed his interest in being a part of the artist lineup for the second seasons soundtrack.

Thinking about Arcane season two, Shannon said he would definitely want to write and perform a fight song that would hype up his character when hes getting ready for a battle. And while this might spark some theories around Ekkos story arc in the next season of the animated show, all fans can do is keep on waiting for official news about Arcane.

Arcane season two is coming, Shannon said. “The patience youre showing will be worth the wait. But while you wait, play CONVERGENCE [in Ekkos voice]. Im gonna be there.

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