EG takes advantage of 3-squad setup by promoting on-the-rise AWPer to top roster

Let's see if he can perform.

Evil Geniuses has been on a spending spree through North Americas lower-tier CS:GO scene. The squad has bolstered its ranks with a hierarchy of different teams under the presumption the strongest players from lower teams would progress to their main roster. 

After six months with only one permanent player transfer between rosters, EG has now made a second promotion between their roster variants. Jerric “wiz” Jiang will be a part of the main roster, sporting the AWP in place of Tsvetelin CeRq Dimitrov, who was removed less than two weeks ago. This news comes after NA scene veteran Alan Shakezullah Hardeman joined the team as an assistant coach earlier this year.

Wiz has been flying under the radar in the NA scene since 2018 and seems to be increasing his stock each time he adds another year to his belt.

The 21-year-old previously played for EG Black and held his own against the other NA teams, all fighting to make a name for themselves. While his experience in the higher tier is essentially non-existent, his stats have been on the rise year after year. 

The AWPer has been a part of several different NA rosters. Previously under EG Black, Carpe Diem, and RBG, wiz hasnt done anything particularly noteworthy yet. This chance to perform under EGs main roster is a massive step up though, and if successful, could help build a revival for the NA scene (if CS:GO fans are incredibly lucky).

On paper, EG has been floundering for months. A solid core may be a first step for the org to get back on trackthey will certainly be one to watch in the 2023 CS:GO season.

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