EDG win first series of 2022 LPL Summer Split over FPX

They looked dominant in the series.

EDward Gaming started the 2022 LPL Summer Split with a 2-1 victory over FunPlus Phoenix earlier today in a rematch from last split’s playoffs.

EDG kept FPX from exacting their revenge by showing efficient teamplay, a strong laning phase, and coordinated teamfights, leading them to win the first and third games.

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Both teams played more passively in the third game after tying the score, following the first two games that were typical LPL bloodbaths. The game looked like it could go either way until the late game, with each team having an edge at times around the map’s neutral objectives.

While FPX top laner Xiaolaohu was overwhelmed and even got solo killed by EDG top laner Flandre in the first game, he had a strong performance on Fiora in both of the next games. Xiaolaohu was pivotal in helping his team get the gold advantage and claw their way back into the series.

Meanwhile, EDG struggled to find teamfight opportunities in the last game, with Jiejie’s Vi as their main option to engage. But he found some crucial windows to land his ultimate and get kills in the late game, which contributed to him being voted MVP of game three in addition to game one.

EDG bot laner Viper also showed strong mechanical skills on Senna and posted 100-percent kill participation in the game, as well as the most damage dealt and gold earned on the team. He also got first blood for his team in the first game by executing a successful two-vs-two trade in the bot lane with support Meiko.

FPX will have a chance to earn their first win of the new split when they play Invictus Gaming in their next matchup on June 13 at 4am CT. Meanwhile, EDG will take on Weibo Gaming right afterward at 6am CT.

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