Early Meurta stats suggest Dota 2 players may have actually got new hero’s role wrong

It's an interesting turn of events.

Muerta, the newest Dota 2 hero, released about a week ago after months of anticipation and hype. Players have been trying to figure out how to play her ever since. Interestingly, the initial impressions werent good. The consensus was she seemed underwhelming, and as the week rolled on, players noticed stats had started to back it up.

According to Dota2ProTracker, Muerta has a lowly 42 percent win rate in the mid lane and an even lower 41 percent win rate in the carry roletwo positions she was expected to thrive inin high-level matches.

This is, of course, expected since it tends to happen with new heroes because everyone is picking them and playing them with little to no experience and efficiency. Still, its an alarmingly low win-rate, which could suggest Muerta isnt up to scratch.

Image via Valve

There is a silver-lining, though. Despite not being initially marketed as a support hero, Murtas win-rate on soft support and hard support in high-level matches is 52 percent and 50.5 percent, respectively.

Looking at her abilities, perhaps she was best suited to those roles all along.

Muertas Dead Shot allows her to fear abilities in any given direction depending on the angle it hits, while The Calling summons four revenants in a circle that slow enemies within the area and reduce their attack speed, while also silencing and damaging those trying to pass through them in the middle of Dota 2 fights.

Combined, these abilities seem to be making her effective in the role, especially when paired with items like Arcane Boots, Aether Lens, Force Staff, Glimmer Cape, and Octarine Core.

Only time will tell how things pan out for the new hero and whether she needs any buffs, but at this stage, all the signs point toward her being a better support than a core.

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