DWG KIA pull off incredible comeback against the Freecs in 2022 LCK Summer Split

DWG had to wrangle the victory out from Freecs' hands.

DWG KIA have finally bounced back from their losing streak to register a 2-0 sweeping victory over Kwangdong Freecs today. But the teams performance in the League of Legends series was not the best. It looked more like the Freecs were throwing away their advantage rather than DWG creating winning opportunities in matches.

In game one, both teams decided to play safely. They focused more on securing map objectives rather than kills. The first blood was picked by DWG in the 17th minute while fighting over the third Drake. 

Still, the Freecs were able to mount pressure onto DWG until deokdams Sivir popped off after getting the three crucial items. He dealt huge damage to the enemy champions in teamfights and built up an impressive 8/0/6 KDA by the time DWG secured the match.

Both teams changed gears in game two and decided to play aggressively. We saw many successful ambushes by the junglers from both sides during the first half of the match. But the teamfights started becoming chaotic from mid-game.

DWG started forcing teamfights, allowing Freecs to punish them for these mistakes. The Freecs also had poor teamwork and it was Teddys Sivir who was doing the heavy lifting and carrying the game. Although they almost reached DWGs nexus, the Freecs pulled back giving DWG some breathing room.

From there, DWG only focused on hunting down Teddys Sivir and a beautiful Dragons Rage kick from Canyons Lee Sin gave them the opportunity. DWG made an unbelievable comeback to take down game two and sweep the series 2-0.

Although they did not perform clinically, DWG KIA will be happy to bounce back from their losing streak with this victory. Before going to the playoffs, the team will be tested in their last group stage match. It will be against T1 on Aug. 13 at 6am CT.

Kwangdong Freecs will be disheartened knowing that the lack of cohesion and hesitation cost them the series. Failing to qualify for the playoffs, their last match in the 2022 LCK Summer Split will be against Nongshin RedForce next on Aug. 14 at 6am CT.

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