DWG KIA backdoor KT to win close series and advance to semifinals of 2022 LCK Summer Split playoffs

DWG KIA denied KT's reverse sweep effort.

Most League of Legends fans likely didn’t predict that today’s LCK Summer Split playoff series between DWG KIA and KT would be so close. From DWGs domination in the first two games to KT almost registering a reverse sweep, it was an intense clash between the two teams. In the end, DWG prevailed over KT in game five and secured the 3-2 series victory.

DWG started strong in the series. In game one, they managed to stay ahead of KT and maintained their gold lead by securing map objectives. Even when KT took down the Elder Drake, DWG just backdoored the enemy Nexus, bagging the first game.

DWG dominated the next game, too. There was a moment in the mid game where KT were able to turn the game to some degree thanks to the brilliant setup from Rascals Ornn. But DWG obliterated them in the next teamfight to register a massive lead. 

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Even after suffering back-to-back losses, KT did not give up. They picked up Swain for Rascal and Sylas for Vicla and made this composition somehow work. With Aimings Lucian dealing burst damage, KT were able to take down DWG to get their first win in the series.

KTs resilience was truly tested in game four. Deokdams Nilah and Showmakers Ahri were able to turn almost every teamfight in DWGs favor. They even aced KT and almost completely opened up their base. 

But KT held their ground and somehow got the Hextech Soul to help execute a remarkable comeback. With this win, they carried the series into a decisive game five.

In the last game of the series, both teams seemed to have leveled up their gameplay. There were a lot of shining moments throughout the match, from ShowMakers Corki picking up a quadra kill to Aimings fed Zeri kiting a fleeing DWG team. 

But KT finally made a mistake when they decided to go for the Cloud Soul. During this time, DWG executed a successful backdoor and took down the enemy Nexus, bagging the game and series.

This was a fantastic series between the two teams. Although KT have been knocked out of the 2022 LCK Summer Split playoffs, they showcased their potential today. With this victory, DWG KIA will advance to the semifinals and face T1 next on Aug. 21. 

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