‘Dumb sh*t’: Tyler1 begs Riot to revert LoL 2023 preseason jungle changes

The streamer is clearly fed up.

Patch 13.4 is now live in League of Legends, bringing a series of adjustments to the jungle. But not everyone is happy with the changes.

Tyler1 said he doesn’t understand the jungle “buffs” Riot Games implemented in the patch. When reviewing them yesterday on stream, he proposed the best possible change for the role would be to just revert the 2023 preseason changes altogether.

Tyler1 got especially upset when going through the Gromp changes in the latest patch, which would see the monster have 150 less health. In the patch notes, the devs explained that it was intended to make counter-jungling easier, but Tyler1 didn’t agree, saying counter-jungling is almost impossible now thanks to the preseason changes.

“No shit he’s very hard to counter-jungle because you reduced XP and damage to all camps you’re able to counter-jungle,” Tyler1 said. “So why don’t we just remove that change? Dude, how about we just revert the jungle? To before it was preseason. How about we do that Riot instead of this dumb shit.”

Tyler1 explained his frustration with his experiences from playing top lane. He underlined that when he got ganked in the past, he at least knew his jungler could catch up by counter-jungling. But that’s now virtually impossible in season 13.

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“Do you know how bad that feels for me as a top laner, playing when I’m getting ganked that much, knowing that the enemy jungler is not losing anything because my jungler can’t counter-jungle? That is what sucks,” Tyler1 said.

In the latest update, the developers increased Rift Herald’s leash range, reduced Gromp’s base health, and increased the base heal from monster kills. You can read the full changes here.

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