DRX’s Worlds-winning roster are now all free agents

All their contracts have expired.

The 2022 League of Legends world champions DRX’s winning roster have all become free agents, according to an announcement made today.

Top laner Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon, jungler Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon, mid laner Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo, bot laner Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and support Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee’s contracts expired and none of them have renewed or extended yet.

Together with the players, head coach Kim “Ssong” Sang-soo and coaches Shin “Shine” Dong-woo and Lee “Mowgli” Jae-ha also have free agency status.

There have been multiple reports and rumors that mentioned DRX’s intention to maintain its roster for the upcoming season, which it also expressed on social media.

In a contribution piece to The Players Tribune, Deft himself said he doesn’t intend to retire and according to rumors, he is likely re-signing with DRX for the 2023 season.

On the other hand, Kingen and Zeka have decided to be free agents to see their market value. In particular, according to JHYooHoo, Zeka wants to return to the LPL and it will depend on how much he is offered. There aren’t rumors regarding Pyosik or BeryL’s intentions.

DRX’s 2022 season was the greatest Cinderella story in League and maybe esports history. From being on the brink of being eliminated from Worlds contention, they fought their way to the biggest tournament of the year through the Regional Finals to a play-in spot.

While many expected them to stop in groups, DRX proved everyone wrong, beating former 2021 world champions EDward Gaming, Korea’s first seed Gen.G, and winning against the legendary Faker and T1 in one of the closest Worlds Finals ever.

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