DreamHack offers $250K prize pool that any Fortnite player can win

Up for grabs, available to anyone.

Tournament organizer DreamHack is offering a quarter of a million dollars in a Fortnite tournament at its upcoming DreamHack Open event in San Diego, and any player who brings their own computer to the massive LAN event can compete and win.

Typically, players have to qualify for tournaments via open qualifiers to compete for a prize pool this large, making this one of the larger open prize pools in recent memory. The exact prize pool distribution is currently unknown. Fortnite has handed out the second most amount of prize pool money all-time of any game with over $153 million, according to Esports Earnings, just ahead of CS:GO at roughly $147 million but way behind Dota 2 at over $313 million.

The Zero Build Duos tournament at DreamHack San Diego will begin on Friday, April 7, and end on Sunday, April 9. The tournament itself will be comprised of four heats, each heat lasting three hours during which players can play as many games as they can during the time. The five highest point totals that a team produces will count toward the main leaderboard, and the top 25 teams from each heat will advance to the finals (featuring 100 teams total).

Points are earned based on match placement (60 for finishing first, 53 for second, 49 for third, and so on) and eliminations (three points per elimination). In the finals, the points earned from placements will be the same, but players can earn five points per elimination.

To compete, players will have to purchase a DreamHack Open ticket that will grant them access to the three-day event. The basic ticket costs $109 and includes a table seat and chair in the LAN environment, a 36-by-30-inch space for your PC, and an ethernet connection. Players can also purchase premium packages. Tickets are on sale now, but registration for the tournament is not available yet.

DreamHack San Diego will also play host to the Rocket League Championship Series Winter Major.

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