Dratnos has 4 invaluable tips and tricks for WoW Dragonflight season 2

Four tips to keep in mind at the beginning of the season.

Stepping into a new Mythic+ season can be quite a scary experience because you never know what will be waiting for you on the other side. World of Warcraft Dragonflight season two, on top of that, has eight new Mythic+ dungeons and three new affixes. But dont fret because Tristan “Dratnos” Killeen has got your back and has four invaluable tips and tricks to share for the new season.

During an interview with Dot Esports on May 2, WoW expert, streamer, and caster Dratnos shared four tips to help you get through the beginning of the season.

Although a lot of players are rightfully concerned about Brackenhide Hollow and the sheer number of diseases there, Dratnos says you shouldnt worry much about this dungeon since a lot of diseases can be easily interrupted by either kicking the mob or destroying the totem. If the cast accidentally goes off, Alchemists can purify it by using cauldrons scattered across the dungeon. 

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But thats not the only profession-specific item in Dragonflight season two. Youll also find more interactable items in Halls of Infusion and Neltharus. 

Theres Engineering and Herbalism trick in Halls of Infusion, Dratnos said. In Halls of Infusion, if you have an Engineer in your group and you go left at the start, theres an item you can interact with and it gives every single person in your group one charge of Cheat Death. And if you have a Blacksmith in Neltharus and you kill the Blacksmith boss, you can get one charge of the shield that he has to use on your next pulls.

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If youre unfamiliar with Cheat Death, it is essentially a passive spell Rogues have that helps them survive lethal strikes, allowing them to live with seven percent HP and take 85 percent less damage for three seconds.

Another important tip Dratnos mentioned is updating your WeakAuras and addons before the season starts. Although the addons will soon require updating, they can still help you at the very beginning of the season to learn the basic mechanics and how to deal with specific affixes.

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The final piece of advice Dratnos shared is to join Mythic+ communities and add players you like during your Mythic+ runs, especially if you dont have a guild. 

The general rule in +5, +10, +15, +20 keys, and all the way up that I would use isif you enjoy playing with someone, make an effort to add them to your friend list so that you can play with them again. A lot of people when the dungeon ends say gg and go back to Group Finder, Dratnos said.

Dragonflight season two officially starts on May 9 for North America and on May 10 for Europe. So, remember to update your addons, take your time to learn the dungeons, and enjoy the ride. 

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