Dracthyr could pick up new classes in future WoW Dragonflight updates

A new lease on life for Dracthyr.

Introduced with the Dragonflight pre-patch on Nov. 15, 2022, Drathyr is supposed to be the only race in the game that can choose just one classEvokers. But, recently, Blizzard Entertainment has been heavily hinting this will not be the case in upcoming Dragonflight patches.

In a group interview on March 14, game director Ion Hazzikostas revealed there’s a “high likelihood down the line that Dracthyr can wield weapons and cast Frostbolts. 

We can’t say for sure which arts Dracthyr will be able to master, but we believe it will include Mages, Warriors, Rogues, and Monks. Aside from that, Ion didnt share much, but its safe to say that we cant expect Drathyr to learn the art of war and magic in the upcoming major patch. This will, however, most likely be featured further down the road.

Although Dracthyr Warrior and Mage probably won’t come with Patch 10.1 and Blizzard might be saving this treat for the next major content patch, leaks from Patch 10.1 hint at Dracthyr Evokers getting a new specialization.

According to Wowhead, Dracthyr has a unique questline with Adamanthia that starts with the quest “Our Destiny.” It reads: 

Evokers only. Upon login you are toasted with NEW SPECIALIZATION REMEMBERED toast. This quest appears in your mailbox sent by Emberthal asking you to go to the Forbidden Reach. The mystery that was uncovered in 10.0.7 (not required for this quest) is about to unfold and she needs your help to talk Ebyssian down from a course of action she sees as folly.

It looks like the race that just joined WoW with this expansion already has an exciting road ahead and well all be sitting at the edge of our seats until we see how Dracthyr Mages and Warriors pan out.

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