Dr Disrespect: Overwatch 2 doesn’t do enough to actually save ‘dying’ franchise

The two-time wasn't kind to Blizzard's big follow-up title.

Dr Disrespect has brought the hammer down on Overwatch revival hopes, claiming the half-boiled sequel release doesnt do enough to actually solve the Blizzard titles ongoing problems and wont save the franchise, despite many other Overwatch 2 players claiming its a return to form for the series.

The two-time has had a mixed relationship with Blizzards franchise shooter in the past and the Overwatch 2 beta may well have closed that book for good now.

Like many top-bill streamers, Dr Disrespect got his hands on Overwatch 2 a little early last week. Unlike many of those same stars, however, the Doc is less than impressed. The sequel has totally missed the mark, he said, and hasnt done nearly enough to feel like a new entry in the series to justify its existence.

Is this not just Overwatch 1? he said, midway through playing.

This game is literally just Overwatch again, the Doc continued. I dont even really know what they changed, why it took so long. Thats my thing the biggest problem I have here, its literally just Overwatch. Ive played that before.

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Dr Disrespect pointed a finger directly at the lengthy Overwatch 2 development time and questioned why it took so long. Outside several map and hero tweaksOrisa and Doomfist saw two of the biggest changesand a 33rd character, there are very few updates. It could have been an overhaul patch for the first game, he says.

All that is a big worry, the YouTube streamer believes, because Overwatch has already faced several major dips in its history since early 2016. The Overwatch League has, at times, struggled to win over fans, and choosing to stream the Blizzard shooter any time between 2020 and two weeks ago was killing your channel he said. Theres no urgency to play Overwatch again, and thats an issue.

What makes you want to play this? the Doc asked.

Like, you get into the beta, you see its Overwatch again. Thats all I needed. I wont be playing much, Ive played this game before. I aint rushing to play again.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect on YouTube

Dr Disrespect may not be too impressed with Overwatch 2s arrival, but plenty of others have been interested in the Blizzard follow-up. During the sequels first week it hit more than one million viewers on Twitch and won praise from big names in streaming like xQc, Moonmoon, Mendo, and more.

If you want to judge for yourself, the invite-only Overwatch 2 beta will run until May 17. To play, fans must unlock a key by watching four hours of Twitch streams.

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