Dr Disrespect is threatening to swap to VALORANT ‘permanently’ after Warzone 2 hits new lows

Well, that was... unexpected.

Just when it looked like Warzone 2 had won Dr Disrespect back, the two-time added to his long list of complaints about the popular battle royale title by threatening to move onand to VALORANT, of all titles.

The YouTube star has played it a little, and although he doesnt think its his strong suit, hes willing to give it another shot if the Warzone 2 experience doesnt improve.

Im giving it like a week to two weeks, he said in response to TimTheTatman during his stream on Jan. 14, who asked him how much more he can bear. But like, at the same time like what the fuck do I play?

PUBG was the first idea that popped up, but he said its so bad and awful these days. It even caused him to hesitate for a moment as he re-stated his love for the CoD franchise. But even though he wants to play it and wants to feel the momentum of popping off and getting big plays, the reality is that its one dimensional and boring, in his view.

Thats when he made an unexpected suggestion: VALORANT could replace it. I might go [to] VALORANT full-time, he said with a smirk and a twitch of his mustache.

The Champions Club will probably take the two-times comments with a grain of salt since it seems like a stretch, especially based on his reaction afterward. Even TimTheTatman reacted as if it was a joke about Warzone more than anything.

That being said, Tim agreed with Doc that something needs to change. Yeah, I have to throw something else into the mix, man, he said. I’m going to go crazy.

If it does happenat least for a whileitll be because Warzone 2 pushed Doc and Tim away. Doc suggested Overwatch 2 and Fortnite could be worth considering, too. It seems like hes desperate to play anything other than Warzone 2 right now.

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