DPS king Kilo leaves San Francisco Shock to enter stacked OWL free agency pool

One of the league’s best players is officially on the market.

Even if youre a vice champion in the Overwatch League, the grass might be greener on the other side. One of the leagues best hitscan players is taking that chance with the permission of his team. 

San Francisco Shocks Jung Kilo Jin-woo will be pursuing free agency during the 2023 offseason, the team announced today. Kilo dives directly into this offseasons massive pool of free agents, totaling over 80 players as of Nov. 17.   

Kilo was one of the Shocks biggest pickups heading into the 2022 season, coming from the wildly successful O2 Blast out of Overwatch Contenders Korea. A notable hitscan, Kilo quickly took to the role of Sojourn as the season kicked off and helped rack up wins for the Shock.  

Though future Rookie of the Year and MVP Kim Proper Dong-hyun took the Sojourn reins over by the end of the season, Kilo was a major part of San Franciscos record-breaking 2022 win streak. 

As a free agent, Kilo can hear offers from any other team in the Overwatch League without restrictions. This opportunity doesnt mean he wont return to the Shock, however: free agents can field offers from any team, including their previous employer. 

Last week, the Shock let go of four other critical players from the 2022 season, including both of the teams tank players. San Francisco acquired O2 Blast as an academy team earlier this year, meaning members of the Contenders roster have a convenient pipeline to the Overwatch League. San Francisco is widely assumed to be picking up more O2 rookies to bolster its team for 2023. 

The San Francisco Shock took second place in the 2022 Grand Finals, falling 4-3 to the Dallas Fuel.

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