Doublelift shares confidential legal letter sent to him by TSM claiming he violated mutual termination agreement

The former TSM star is pulling no punches in the face of his former employer.

Former TSM League of Legends player Yiliang Doublelift Peng has posted the entirety of a cease and desist letter sent to him by Electronic Sports and Gaming Law, the law firm that represents TSM, to his personal Twitter account. 

This act by Doublelift comes just 24 hours after he appeared on his Twitch livestream and dissected an article written by Washington Post journalist Mikhail Klimentov that claimed TSM owner Andy Reginald Dinh fosters a culture of fear among the employees at the organization. During that livestream, Doublelift revealed that he still had the letter that TSM sent him last year. And today, that letter came to light. 

The letter says that Doublelift committed multiple material and incurable breaches of [his employment agreements] during [his] Twitch livestreams on Nov. 9 and 10 of last year. The letter was sent two days after Doublelift referred to Reginald as a bully who gets away with being a bad person on his personal Twitch livestream. The letter clearly says in bold letters at its top that its contents are confidential, but Doublelift, who has been outspoken about issues surrounding TSMespecially over the last 24 hoursignored that disclaimer and posted it to his 964,000 Twitter followers regardless. 

Doublelift retired from TSMs active League roster in November 2020, signing a mutual termination agreement after his retirement. The letter suggests that he broke the parameters of that agreement, as well as the agreement he signed when he rejoined TSM as a content creator in March 2021. 

Doublelifts breach of his termination agreement, according to the letter, included offenses such as publicly disclosing confidential information about the organization and publicly disparaging TSM. 

Reginald has not responded to Doublelift directly, although he has promised to do an Ask me Anything on Reddit once Riot Games investigation of TSM has concluded. 

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