Dota Plus Summer 2022 7.31d update adds Marci to Captains Mode, new Battle Report feature, and more

The battle pass is coming, but for now, players have new and improved features.

The Dota Plus Summer 2022 update is here and Valve is pulling out all the stops with the 7.31d gameplay patch that includes Marci being added to Captains Mode for competitive play, tons of new and updated features, and an updated timeline on this years pre-The International battle pass. 

Starting with the latter, Valve is looking to structure the TI battle pass a bit differently this year in a way that will encourage players to jump in after TI11 concludes in October as well. This means that the timing players are used to is being altered and the battle pass will drop later this summer, running through TI11 and for a significant amount of time afterward. More details on that will be shared at a later date. 

As for the gameplay update itself, Marci is now available to use in Captains Mode, making her eligible for competitive play. Roshan will also now attack Ward units and instantly destroy them if there are no other units within melee rangetwo changes that should shake things up slightly for the Dota Pro Circuits Summer Tour, along with the rest of the 7.31d patch. 

Valve has specifically labeled this update the Battle Report update, as it includes several new features centered around the option to view detailed stats and information about your performances in the previous season. This includes comparing your stats to other players at your skill level, earning new rewards, and more. This feature is available exclusively for Dota Plus members and refreshes at the start of each season with a new report. 

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In addition to this new report feature, players who actively want to avoid playing with certain users can now make use of an improved Avoid Player feature. This includes the ability to leave notes on why you blocked a player and a method to purchase more Avoid Player slots using Shards. 

A new Weekend Spotlight mode has also been added, which is a new queue for everyone to explore different Dota game modes like Ability Draft, All Pick, and Turbo. Playing in these modes through the Weekend Spotlight will reward players with Dota Plus Shards, up to a set limit.

Here is an overview of every new or updated feature included in this gameplay update, which is now live:

  • Battle Report feature added.
  • Weekend Spotlight mode added.
  • Immortal Item spell effects can now be equipped regardless of which item your hero is wearing
  • Clip Builder feature added.
    • Capture your favorite in-game moments and share them as high-quality videos.
    • Define the start and end time for your clip in-game. 
    • You can choose advanced rendering features for higher-quality shadows and reflections, hidden in-game UI for the duration of the clip, and smooth framerates up to 90fps.
  • Improved Avoid Player feature.
  • Kill Streak effects now purchasable with Shards.
  • Summer 2022 Seasonal Treasure is now available.
  • Autumnal Treasure 2020 and Wintry Treasure 2020 item sets now available in the Shard Shop for 15,000 Shards each.
  • Hero Relics can now be purchased for Shards by all players, not just Dota Plus members.
  • Dota Plus Seasonal Refresh is live with new quests offering up to 115,200 Shards over the course of the season and guild rewards adding new emoticons, sprays, and chat wheels.
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