Dota 2’s newest hero Muerta might be an unreleased hero from the original game

Her arrival was teased two years and a decade ago.

Valve announced a new addition to the Dota 2 roster, Muerta, during The International 2022. The developer only released a teaser for the character while providing no additional details apart from a potential release period.

Given Dotas vast history dating back to more than a decade ago, fans dont need detailed ability tooltips to learn more about upcoming releases. A decent number of Dota 1 heroes were scrapped or haven’t made their way to Dota 2, and some players think Muerta could be one of them.

Before Primal Beast was introduced to Dota 2, the chains that could hold him, Gleipner, were added to the game first. In patch 7.31, Revenants Brooch became available in Dota 2 as an item that belonged to the Ghost Revenant, an unreleased hero from Dota 1.

Though there isn’t a confirmation, there are a few Phantom AssassinPersona voice lines in the game that can be referring to Muerta, the Ghost Revenant.

These two interactions are currently tied to encounters with an unknown hero who is likely to be Muerta.

With the voice lines potentially confirming Muerta being a motherly figure, there have also been datamines that could have leaked the heros abilities. Only the name of her abilities were revealed in the leaks, which were Grave Grapple, Life Link, Soul Swell, and True Love.

It looks like Muerta was also leaked in another datamine that was released two years ago. She was code-named Corpse Mother in the leak alongside 18 different heroes, which included Mars. 

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