Dota 2 reviews and player count struggling despite massive patch

This didn't go according to plan.

Dota 2 received one of its most substantial content updates in the past 1.5 years this April. While dedicated players celebrated the arrival of the major changes, the impact on casual members of the Dota 2 community was quite the opposite.

Following patch 7.33Dota 2s reviews took a hit, plunging into “mixed” territory, and the anticipated surge in player numbers failed to materialize.

Screengrab via Valve and Steamcharts

This topic gained more traction as it was brought to popular streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovskis attention today. While the initial increase in numbers looked positive at first, Gorgc pointed out that such a minor increase after a drastic gameplay update could be seen as a failure.

In the meantime, Dota 2 fans participated in discussions focusing on why the latest update could have caused the slide in the games reviews. Most community members believed a patch containing this many changes could have upset casual players since they would be required to relearn all of their habits.

Not all Dota 2 players keep up with the most recent changes and trends, so finding out there are now two Roshan pits on the map with the defender of the Aegis teleporting around the map could be overwhelming.

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When it comes to player numbers, patch 7.33 lacked incentives that brought thousands of players back to the game in the past. If a battle pass or free Arcanas were in the equation, the latest Dota 2 update could have better luck in terms of returning players.

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