Dota 2 players left stranded as Valve servers go down

Not a great start to the week.

Dota 2 recently launched its highly-anticipated Patch 7.33, boasting changes to the map and the gameplay experience. As a result, loads of players returned to the game but many were left frustrated as they woke up to find the servers and coordinators were down today, preventing them from playing.

Valve hasn’t released a statement on the matter, and it wasn’t the patch day for Steam. Most players were surprised to see the servers being down as they rushed to community hubs like Reddit to learn more about the situation.

Considering Valve generally rolls out Steam and game updates on Thursdays, todays game coordinator outage looks to be a temporary problem that the developer is likely to fix shortly. Though Valve can be slow at times, especially during late midnight hours in its local time, the developer tends to be quick when it comes to getting its servers back online.

In the light of the server outage, Dota 2 players were greeted with dreaded errors like Cannot queue for matchmaking at this time, Searching for Dota 2 Game Coordinator, and Connected to the Dota 2 game coordinator logging in upon launching the game.

When errors like this start popping up, players are often advised to check Dota 2s server status. If the servers look to be down, they will have no option but to wait for Valve to roll out a fix. During this time most Dota 2 players prefer communicating with others on community platforms to pass the time by joking around or participating in civilized discussions regarding the game.

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