Dota 2 players find the perfect counter to the most broken hero in Patch 7.33c

She didn't know what hit her.

Medusa skyrocketed to fame, especially after Patch 7.33b, where she received even more buffs, mostly to her Mana Shield. Once combined with early mana sources like Mangoes, Medusa became almost immortal, and two Dota 2 players came up with the ultimate solution that sucked Medusa both out of her mana and HP.

Though the instance took place in a Turbo match, Lion and Pugnas coordinated gank on Medusa turned out to be a satisfying moment for Dota 2 fans who have been plagued by the snake queen in their ranked matches.

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In the clip, Lion and Pugna from the Radiant side gank Dires Medusa, who had been farming in the top lane. Upon locking down Medusa, Lion and Pugna start using Mana and Life Drain, respectively, while Medusa continues walking under her tower confusedly.

Medusa became one of the strongest heroes of Patch 7.33 after its b variant. She was quickly nerfed in Patch 7.33c, but those tweaks weren’t enough to kick her off the meta as she continues to average a 55 percent win rate in public matches.

Despite remaining as one of the top heroes in the current meta, professional and high-level Dota 2 players have been identifying counters to Medusa for the last month. Anti-Mage and Nyx Assassin started trending as they do well versus Medusa, but it will probably take another nerf or two if IceFrog decides to send the snake back to 50-ish percent win rates.

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