Dota 2 players are begging Valve to rework game’s most-hated hero

The troublesome hero needs to be dialled back a notch.

Tinker is the most hated hero in Dota 2 by far. His ability to nuke and control enemies with Laser, Heat-Seeking Missile, and Scythe of Vyse repeatedly while using Rearm is painful, and the fact he can move around the map easily with Keen Conveyance and Blink Dagger makes it even worse in the eyes of most players.

The menacing hero has the highest winrate in Divine and Immortal with a whopping 57 percent. Its about the same in the lower ranks, showing how consistent he is across the board. But while thats good for those who play him, its bad for everyone else.

In fact, one player has become so sick of him running rampant in pubs, they started a Reddit thread on March 29 begging Valve to rework tinker to bring him down a peg.

Image via Valve

As for how to do it, the consensus seemed to be stopping Rearm from refreshing Blink Dagger, making him less effective at chasing down enemies fleeing from his barrage of nukes.

Its not a ridiculous suggestion. Valve stopped Rearm from refreshing Black King Bars cooldown years ago. The problem, however, is doing it to Blink Dagger might be too severe of a nerf and could actually make him useless. Some also said nerfing Keen Conveyance, making him unable to teleport around the map for free, was another viable solution, while others suggested making Laser less effective at blinding.

There are plenty of ways the devs can rework him to make him less of a pain. No matter what they choose, it sounds like the fans just want it done.

Valve has already confirmed the long-awaited massive patch will release in April, and although nobody knows what it will include, it would be the perfect time to nerf Tinker.

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