Dota 2 player infiltrates cheater community, finds that Valve’s ban wave may not have been as effective as previously thought

"You think you caught me? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Valve recently swung the ban hammer on more than 40,000 Dota 2 cheaters. Its only been two days since the said update, and one Dota 2 fan disguised themself to sneak into the world of hackers to see how they were holding up, only to reveal a shocking truth.

According to their experience on the forum, cheaters might have bounced back from their setbacks in a matter of days. The black hat reverse engineers could pinpoint precisely how Valve could detect their illegal ways while deploying new fixes to their existing ways to avoid getting banned.

In addition to receiving account bans, a decent number of cheaters were slapped on the wrist with matchmaking bans. Though Dota 2 fans would love to have their game cleansed of cheaters by tomorrow, theyre currently witnessing a battle of wits.

Its Valves turn again, and fans are curious how the father of VAC will react. While it takes bright minds to develop security and anti-cheat systems, it takes another set of geniuses to break them. Valve played its hand on Feb. 21, only for cheaters to respond in the span of 48 hours.

Valve could act any minute or wait for major content releases to strike back. Game patches tend to contain various bug fixes and security updates alongside balance and in-game changes. If Valve was to go nuclear, it could start hardware banning, a dire measure often feared by most users within cheating communities.

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