Dota 2 Lima Major viewership falls short as local fan interest wanes with all-EU finals

Still an admirable result.

The Dota 2 Lima Major failed to meet expectations as it secured ninth place in the most-watched Majors with over 490,000 peak viewers. Despite being hosted in the passionate South American region, the grand finals featuring two European teams resulted in decreased interest from local fans.

Though SA teams had a hot start to the tournament, both representatives, beastcoast and Evil Geniuses, were eliminated in the earlier stages of the main event. With two of the home crowd favorites out of the tournament, the interest in online viewership understandably declined.

The in-person attendees were still as passionate as ever for the games, however, with their cheers even causing soundproofing problems throughout the event. The Lima Major had one of the most hectic and energetic crowds at recent Dota 2 events, and the overall viewership numbers were still enough to carry the tournament into the list of the top 10 most-watched Majors.

The fact that the finals were held at an hour that also allowed Western and Eastern European fans to tune in comfortably helped the Lima Major when it came down to the final push to squeeze into the top 10.

In addition to having two non-SA teams in the finals, the Major was also played on one of the longest-running patches in Dota 2 history. While most matches were quite exciting, they were played in a meta that is now considered stale, and Dota 2 fans have been longing for a change which is expected to arrive within a few days.

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