Dota 2 Lima Major on track to sell out despite Peru situation casting cancellation worries

People are queueing up en masse.

Even though Dota 2s first-ever South American Majorthe Lima Majormay be in doubt after Perus government declared a state of emergency over political protests that have resulted in more than 42 lives casualties, its on track to be a sell-out.

Based on early numbers, the demand for tickets has outnumbered the supply. The capacity of the venue, Arena 1, is 15,000 seats. Yet, when the first phase of ticket sales went up on Jan. 13, more than 20,000 people were in queue.

Those who missed out on tickets in the first batch were able to have another crack on Jan. 18, and this time, the queue was even higher at 32,000. There are still two more batches left, too.

One-fifth of the total tickets (around 3,000) will be available in each phase, except for the fourth and final one, which includes all remaining Dota 2 Major tickets. At this stage, however, it seems like there wont be any left.

As one fan pointed out, Peru is a country that lives and breathes Dota 2, so the event was always going to be a sell-out. Still, the sheer number of tickets sold has been impressive, especially considering the social unrest that has turned the country upside down.

According to a report from Esports.GG, organizers 4D Esports said they have no reason to believe the state of emergency in Peru is going to affect the Lima Major at all. Its a sentiment Beastcoast director Alejandro Moral shares. Lima right now is very safe, and they are most welcome. Nothing is going to happen at the Major, he told escorenews.

If what theyre saying is true, and the first Dota 2 Major of the year isnt canceled or delayed, the sell-out crowd will make it even more of a spectacle for the esport.

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