Dota 2 legend claims China can’t keep up with global competition anymore

Maybe Dota 2 mobile can save the region.

Former PSG.LGD Dota 2 star Wang “Ame” Chunyu has expressed his doubts about the ability of Chinese teams to win Major tournaments in a recent Twitch stream.

As Dota 2 has a few high-prize pool events lined up for the rest of 2023, Ame has been receiving questions about whether hed return to play.

The carry player’s reply to the question was a resounding no, and if he were to return to the competitive Dota scene, he didnt think there was a Chinese team that could win an international tournament right now.

The Chinese Dota 2 region wasn’t the only one to perform below expectations at the Lima Major but two of the participating teams from the region were accused of match-fixing at the event. These concerns turned out to be justified, with Valve banning over 40 players while kicking five teams who were involved in the controversy.

The situation was a massive blow to the Chinese Dota 2 scenes reputation, but teams that remain in the DPC are after redemption. The latest iteration of LGD already guaranteed their spot at the Berlin Major after not dropping a single map in five series.

Though there are still teams and players performing to the best of their abilities to bring glory to their home region, one shouldn’t also forget about the disheartening conditions that theyre competing in. Dota 2s Major tournaments have adopted a very predatory prize pool distribution over the last two years, meaning teams that don’t secure a top-four finish receive close to nothing or even laughable amounts.

This resulted in many stars preferring to become full-time streamers over pro Dota 2 players since its been the more lucrative route in China at the moment.

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