Dota 2 fans call out Lima Major organizers for subpar production quality

Only 2GD can save this event.

As the Dota 2 Lima Major continues, fans remain baffled by the production quality of the event. The initial criticisms started during the group stages, only to intensify during the main event. In-person attendees and online spectators alike are currently trying hard to look through the Lima Majors flaws and enjoy the epic plays.

Considering South America has been considered as one of the most passionate Dota 2 regions in the world, fans came into the event with high expectations. But the event has been plagued with bugs and oversights that negatively impacted the viewing experience.

While some of the first complaints were addressed, others, like audio issues, persisted for an embarrassingly long time, and new ones were added to the queue every day. With the main event starting, in-person attendees were treated to view the event from a tiny screen, and to extremely long delays, with some matches starting six hours later than their schedules. In the meantime, a game was put on pause since one of the booths was falling apart.

Despite the anger from fans over the production quality of the Lima Major, the high level of Dota 2 being played has kept everyone engaged and invested so far. It still wasn’t enough to prevent fans from requesting Valve step in and drop the organizers 4D and Epulze since the developer has a history of intervening in such situations.

These oversights and production flaws tend to echo louder within the Dota 2 community as players have grown used to top-notch tournaments like WePlays Animajor and the countless The Internationals prior to 2022. In the last year and a half, Valves eagerness to work with production companies that drop the ball decreased the overall appeal of events while causing fan-favorite production companies to suffer financially. 

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