Dota 2 fans are convinced they found further cheating evidence on SEA DPC team

Evidence is stacking up.

The Dota 2 community have allegedly found further evidence on the recently accused Team Flow. The SEA DPC squad were suspected of map hacking after pulling off ‘impossible’ plays during an official match in January.

In the latest clip featuring Team Flow, Yeong “Mercury” Shi Jie became the target of accusations once again after his screen became too bright for all the wrong reasons.

During the clip, Mercury allegedly alt tabbed out of the game to receive information from a third-party program. Given Flows overly precise movements around the map, and counter-warding skills, fans on Dota 2’s subreddit think Mercury could be activating a cheat program that grants him a Byakugan map hack, which includes map hack, zero fog of war, and true sight.

While tabbing out of a Dota 2 match may be considered insufficent evidence, Mercury did this in the middle of the laning stage while he was near creeps. Focusing on something other than the game itself can have dire consequences for players that can lead to their enemies snowballing to victory, especially in a professional match

The SEA DPC squad are currently competing in the second division. A mid-season ruling could disqualify them from the DPC , with players found guilty potentially receiving lifetime bans.

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