Dota 2 fans are begging Valve to not screw up one vital aspect of TI12

Turn back time, to the good old TIs.

Dota 2 fans worldwide were left disappointed as both The International 2022 and the Lima Major fell short of expectations due to crippling production shortcomings. With The International 2023 set to make a grand return to Valve’s hometown, Seattle, Dota 2 enthusiasts demand that the developer step up and restore the splendor that once captivated both the community and the gaming world.

Most of the production flaws in the last year were chalked off to Valve’s hands-off approach, which may come to an end as Valve has a history of maintaining the event, primarily when it was held on American soil.

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Since TI8, Valve slowly pulled its feet from the gas pedal, and the result came to fruition at TI11. PGL hosted the event, and the organizer was under fire from day one. From soundproofing to hygiene concerns, PGLs poor event management damaged the positive impact that TI had on Dota 2 fans.

Despite its poor display of organization skills, PGL was still hired for the 2023 DPC season, which cast a shadow of doubt from Dota 2 fans. Though the organizer has yet to have a major scandal in 2023, Dota 2 fans definitely don’t want to take another chance with PGL and set themselves up for another disappointment.

At the time of writing, Valve hasn’t clarified how involved it will be with TI12. If the developer decides to step in, Dota 2 fans can hope for massive improvements and potentially a throwback to TIs glory days.

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