Dota 2 fan proposes a Swift Blink rework that will make Heroes of Newerth players nostalgic

This is what happens when IceFrog goes on a vacation.

Yesterday, an intriguing proposal sparked discussion among Dota 2 fans to revive the less-popular Blink Dagger iteration, Swift Blink. The proposal suggests granting it a potentially game-breaking mechanic borrowed from a different MOBA title, Heroes of Newerth.

The change in question was proposed by a Redditor named “Rowlidot”, adding another active ability to Swift Blink that allows its caster to hit enemy units that it jumps through.

While the suggestion sounded exciting, the Dota 2 community was quick to poke holes in it. Considering there are a decent number of heroes who can one-shot their targets at later stages of a match with a critical hit, implementing this idea in its proposed state would cause heroes like Tiny and Sven to take over the meta.

A similar mechanic used to be a core part of The Dark Lady, a Heroes of Newerth hero. Charging Strikes allowed her to push herself forward and attack each enemy on her path once. Consecutive attacks would deal 15 percent less damage than the previous one.

Back in Dota 2, the current version of Swift Blink grants its users a 40 percent phased movement speed and a 35 Agility bonus. The item is more focused on helping carries close the gap, and the Agility bonus provides them a much-needed attack speed and armor increase.

In general, even carries that buy Blink Dagger will often skip on Swift Blink until its the very last item they can buy from the shop. Some Agility cores even opt out for the Arcane and Overwhelming Blink due to their more favored active abilities.

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